Harvest Floral: whose seed is in itself

Painting palette knife techniques in a time-lapse video made in studio.

Cactus near Jan's

Watch me paint this Cactus Plein Air!

Aspens 2

Enjoy a time-lapse of this painting. See first hand the palette knife technique, resulting in gestural movement of oil paint with thick texture evoking the commanding presence of an aspen grove in full color.

Tulip Tree 1

Watch the plein air painting video as a time-lapse or enjoy the full length. The spontaneity of nature in spring-time is emphasized by the texture and thickness of the paint. The painting is loose and gestural abstractly representing the presence of the tree and the liveliness of spring. Enjoy the videos! Click on the image to see the videos.

Moon Rising Over the Ocean

Thick textural oil painting of the full moon rising over the ocean waves. Learn techniques on painting with palette knives and how to capture the essence of a location through loose broad strokes. Enjoy the video!

Red and Yellow Flowers, Commission

Check out my painting video of this field of flowers and learn more about the commission process.

Three Pink Carnations

Check out my painting video!

United We Stand

Check out my video and contact me to commission your own USA Flag painting. Click for more.


Check out my video of painting Yosemite in the studio! I was sent a picture to paint by two friends. What a view! Click for more.

Get to know the Artist

I gave a talk about my art career earlier this week at Peace Haven. I highlight significant events in my career and share about my cross-country painting adventures. Enjoy!

City Skyline, Austin, TX

Time-lapse painting video on location in Austin, Texas.

Bridge over the Lake, Austin, TX

Watch my time-lapse video of this painting!

Lighthouse Commission

Check out my blog on completing this lighthouse commission. View the video of the under-painting. Click for more.