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Aspens, 48x60in, acrylic

Aspens, 48x60in, acrylic

One aspen tree is actually only a small part of a larger organism, an entire group of aspens is connected through its roots.

In the fall when I’d drive through Colorado, I’d notice one hillside covered in bright yellow with every aspen at its peak. On the next hillside all the aspens would be at yellow-green, approaching their peak of bright yellow. “How neat,” I would think, “that all the trees in the one organism change color at the same time, and what an interesting metaphor for mankind.”

The metaphor to me is that each individual is one part of the larger expression of Life, the source of all mankind. It reminds me that we’re all working together on the same team to progress and succeed. As an entire hillside of aspen trees, that are one organism, change color at the same time, so mankind works to progress step by step as a whole through patient support, gentle encouragement and striving to grow.

Mankind is all one family united through our roots in the divine expression of Life.

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