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U City in Bloom, U City, St. Louis.

Jodie Maurer, painting Plein Air

Jodie Maurer, painting Plein Air

When I begin a painting, I do not have a finished product in mind.

Similar to poetry or composing of any kind, the outcome is unknown. It is an exploration of an idea. As the poet writes, his idea develops, questions arise, problems surface. The poem is the result of the development in thought.

As it is with writing, so it is with painting.

My approach is to capture the spirit of the land that makes this country my home, through thick layers of gestural paint strokes.

I primarily use oils, palette knives and large canvases.


I participate in Plein Air contests around the country and received Best of Show in Town & Country, MO in 2011, Best of Show in the “Farmer’s Market Quick Draw,” Booth Bay Harbor, ME in 2015 and Second Place in Moab, UT in 2015.


The past two years, I lived in the Northeast. There, I focused on exploring ocean shorelines, the northern mountainous region, waterfalls, and the Hudson Valley.


Currently, I reside in St. Louis, MO, pursuing the beauty of the Midwest.


One thing I can assure you is that wherever I am, I will paint.


“All manifestations of art are but landmarks in the progress of the human spirit toward a thing but as yet sensed and far from being possessed.”

 – Robert Henri